Little Italy 

​Trattoria Angelo follows in the footsteps of Porcellino Grasso, an authentic Italian restaurant set in Budapest, Hungary. The owner and his family opened the Italian countryside style restaurant in 2007 with the philosophy of serving traditional Italian cuisine using the freshest and best Italian ingredients and techniques. The result? Freshly homemade dishes to be proud of and that were enjoyed by our clients in a homely and welcoming environment.

Having moved to Spain 4 years ago the dream to open another authentic Italian restaurant was a burning desire and La Cala de Mijas was the perfect spot!

The restaurant theme this time is Tuscany style but Trattoria Angelo's philosophy is no different. It is a place where all family and friends can come together in a relaxed, friendly environment enjoying great tasting homemade Italian food and friendly service.

Offering an extensive menu list, deciding what to eat can be challenging!

piza mad in oven.jpg